Jun Feng (- Jimbut as Pseudonym).

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(A short resume of the life:

Born in Shanghai in China in 1965. Became a Danish citizen in 2000. Bachelor of mathematics, Shanghai Normal University, 1986. Bachelor of philosophy, Odense University, 1999. / Magister Artium 2002.

Has written more than 700 poems under several pseudonyms: Jimbut, Coulddie etc. Came under scrutiny of the police in Shanghai because of the peom "the first QuestionWhy" in 80's: was shadowed by police in 1986-87 (his home was ransacked by police on the 7th Juny 1987). Was accepted into a Buddhist temple in order to hide from the authorities in 1988. As a buddhist novice fled to Thailand in 1989; imprisond in Laos 1990 / released in 1992.)

Curriculum Vitae

Personal information

1965 was born 11. april in Shanghai as Chinese citizen.

2000 acquired Danish nationality.


2002 Magister.artium. in Philosophy. University of Southern Denmark.

(Matriculated on University of Southern Denmark 1996. B.A. in Philosophy 1999. Master’s thesis in Philosophy [2001]: ”The dialectic of the self: Kierkegaard’s existential understanding of the self as a contrast to Hegel’s speculative history of the self-consciousness”. Mag.art. public lecture 15th May 2002.)

1996 The language-exams of HF single subject: English (B-niveau), German (B-niveau) and French (C-niveau)

1993 Certificate of Proficiency in Danish Language

Before 1992 (Arrival in Danmark the 13th march 1992) :

1982 the entrance examination to University in Shanghai, China.

1986 B.Sc. in mathematics. Shanghai Normal University, Shanghai China.

[1988-1990 approved as Buddhist-novice by the Buddhist temples]


2002 (《解读悲剧的诞生》An interpretation of Nietzsche’s Die Geburt der Tragoedie). As joint author in the essay collection ”北大网事”. Beijing University Press – under the pseudonym Jimbut(京不特).

2000 Time for Celebration

Forlaget Mellemgaard. Denmark. (It is a translation of my Danish novel Tiden er til fest.

1999 The novel Tiden er til fest.

Forlaget Mellemgaard Denmark.

1997 The novel 《常常低着头》(”I am always humble”) published elektronic.

1994 Poetry 《同驻光阴》(”Together with everyone I sojourn in the time”).

Xuelin Press (学林出版社). – under the pseudonym Jimbut(京不特).

1988 As joint author in the peotry ”The great exhibition of the Chinese modern poetry: 86-88” 《中国现代主义诗群大展86-88》– under the pseudonym Jimbut(京不特).

Poem-Paper(诗歌报) og Shenzheng Youth’s press(深圳青年报出版社)

1987 As joint author in the peotry ”The blue tide” 《蓝潮》

Shanghai Normal University Press

1985-2002 some poems, novels and essays published in several Chinese literature periodicals. – under the pseudonym Jimbut(京不特) and Coulddie(古代).

Occupational experience

Since 1997 Editor of a Chinese litterature periodical on Internet

(www.wenxue.com). – under the pseudonym Jimbut(京不特).

2000 Editor of a Chinese essay collection《在橄榄树间走过》

(ISBN7-202-02680-5/I.566, CIP 1999)


– under the pseudonym Jimbut(京不特).

1989-90 Teacher in Chinese language and literature on Vat Poyen in Thailand

(Vat Poyen is a Thai-Chinese Buddhist temple)

Autumn 1988 Teacher in Chinese literature on Guanghua Si in Fujian China

(Guanghua Si 广化寺is Buddhist temple)

Spring 1988 Manager of Shanghai Hotel og Restaurant in Yunnan China

Autumn 1987 Teacher in mathematics on Jinghong Farm’s middle school in Yunnan China

August 1986 – May 1987 Teacher in mathematics on Xiangdong middle school in Shanghai China

(I was graduated as B.Sc. and Teacher in mathematics in July 1986)

Organizational Experiences

1999-2002 Administror on a Chinese literature forum. (http://www.redorchard.com/BBS/forumdisplay.php?forumid=2)

1997-2002 As aktive member of Amnesty International contributing in the Student Group Odense.

1988-1990 As Buddhist monk contributing in Peace-movement around the world

1985-1987 Under pseudonym Jimbut, the originator of the Sajiaoism in the Chinese modern poetry movement.

1985-1987 As active member of Shanghai Artist Club contributing in the Shanghai Underground independent literature movement.

Sojourn in the different countries

1965-1989 as Chinese in China

1989 as political exile walking through the area of civil war in Burma

1989-1990 as novice-monk in Buddhist temple in Thailand

1990-1992 as prisoner in prison in Laos

1992- begin to live in Denmark

1993 a month in France. Literary meeting of the independent Chinese litterature.

1995 a month in London. Literary meeting of the independent Chinese litterature.

1999 a month in Berlin. Literary meeting of the independent Chinese litterature.


Better Chinese than Danish. Good English in writing and speaking. Fair German in writing and speaking. A fair reading ability in Franch. Fair Thai in speaking.

EDB Ability

MS Office; web-design; PC installation; etc..


Writing. PC. Activity for the human rights.