By dreaming about the flowering poppies I first know that I am naïve.
has no luster
and cannot be lively either

Every time I am cold lonely in the stream of people
every time I give just as honestly my smile to each one
lonely I love them
lonely I stare at them
Every time I am forced to use another language

— Jimbut, To Observe the Fate that fingers the Ice at Night

Jimbut is a boring, but smart person.

I am a different person, and have known this since I graduated from the Shanghai Normal University in 1986. A seed from a plum tree landed in the corner of my left eye during the graduation party at the University, and ever since then, it has been a nuisance, flowering under my eyelid. It has become proof that I am different. The plum blossom’s petals have seriously altered my sight, and it has not changed even though I have been in Denmark for about five years. It doesn’t symbolize anything to me, but since I came to Denmark the petals have made me think of two things: one is that they have something to do with celebration, and the other is that they’re about a special way of understanding things.

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