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Waiting for my friend Mahua

Jun Feng / Jimbut

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Every time I think of myself as having gone into the ice, every time
I go into the world of night like swimming in a sea
until it becomes an even deeper darkness
I have experienced every prediction about myself
but never find a forest, where the prophets live
Unknowingly however, I have revealed my own fate

Only unknowingly have I fulfilled my promises to myself
what I can do during the day, is to make one God or another blasphemous
By dreaming about the flowering poppies I first know that I am naïve
has no luster
neither can be lively

Every time I am cold lonely in the stream of people
every time I give everyone just as honestly my smile
lonely I love them
lonely I stare at them
Every time I am forced to use another language

Gone through the ego
and experienced feeling cold and lonely in the smile
I have the gospels for each one who comes toward me

"About the truth, I tell you
forever there is the way that leads to the truth
forever is no truth left"

         - Jimbut: To Observe the Fate that fingers the Ice at Night. 1993, Roende

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